For kids ages 5+, perfect for homeschooling, pre-k, kindergarten and first grade. It teaches kids math in a fun and exciting way. Best board game for kids!

Learning made fun

All parents want the best for their children. Our mission is simple, we want learning to be fun, enjoyable, and stress free. We are proud to have our products recommended by teachers, approved by parents and loved by kids!

Mathemagical World is the best board game for kids ages 5+ (but can be used by kids across all ages, from 3 to 8). It takes just seconds to master and can be played from minutes to hours! The best part of our game is that children will not even realize they are learning math as they get immersed in our beautiful world filled with 8 unique islands: Desert Island, Dinosaur Island, Pirate Island, Zombie Island, Unicorn Island, Ice Island, Dragon Island, and Ninja Island! 

Just like every other parent, we want the best for our kids. We love making learning fun and nothing makes us happier than seeing kids enjoy and have fun playing Mathemagical World.

about the game
Mathemagical World

Mathemagical World is extraordinary high quality, simple to use for parents and kids, fun and educational math game! When kids have fun and enjoy doing math without realizing they are learning we know we were successful! We wanted to make the game comprehensive but yet simple for parents, so they don’t have to spend hours trying to decode instruction sheets. Mathemagical World is ready to play straight out of the box! We took feedback from children just as seriously as from parents to ensure there is enough fun factor for kids. We are very proud to have our products recommended by teachers, approved by parents, and loved by kids!


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Practice & Play 

• Addition and subtraction
• Double and half concepts
• Includes options for speed and difficulty

what parents say

There is a reason Mathemagical Board game has been highest rated Board Game on Amazon as the best board game for young kids. It has been praised by parents, teachers and loved by kids. The game is easy to learn, fun, engaging and has 5 star rating on Amazon. But don’t take our word for it, just take a look at some of the feedback we have received from thousands of happy customers.

Imaginative and fun

My grandson is a math quiz at 3 and he loves this game. It’s enjoyable, cute, fun addition, subtraction, critical thinking ands imaginative… volcano, pirates, knights, dolphins, sharks, tornados… super engaging. I highly recommend this activity. Advanced play options.

The best math game ever!

My kids LOVE this game! Most math games they’ll play with me begrudgingly, but they actually have fun and truly enjoy this game. The rules are really simple so it’s easy to play with kids, but not so simple that it’s really boring. This has been my favorite purchase I’ve made for my kids all year, hands down.

Wonderful and educational!

This has to be the best math game I have ever found. My kids love it (ages 4 and 7). It teaches number recognition, turn taking, addition, subtraction, and I’m sure I’m forgetting something. But the best part is, it’s also engaging and my kids actually WANT to play it. I highly recommend this game!!

Great game!

We really enjoyed the game. Kids are 4 & 6. I want to echo what others said about the superb quality from the thick instruction sheet to the sturdy big board. We played with the red dice since my kids are moving on to beyond adding/subtracting numbers between 1-6… We only wish there were more “fun spots” related to each island…. (“Move forward double 4” could be “Hungry Zombies! Run double 4” etc….)

Simple and fun!

Honestly I thought my kids were going to hate this. When I opened this and started reading the instructions… roll two dice and add or subtract them? Com’on… it seemed to basic. I thought the kids were going to see right through this educational game that even sounds educational in the name of it “Mathemagical!” I was wrong. My kids had so much fun playing this game. The part they had the most fun was watching people get stuck in the tornado and keep going around and around. The recommended age of 5+ is just right for this game… in fact my 9 year old joined in as he saw how much fun his younger siblings were having. The game is so simple yet the kids really do just love playing while I love them practicing addition and subtraction. win-win!

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our story

How we got our start? Raising our boys Henry and Julius, we went through a rigorous search for best possible games, pre-school, kindergarten and first grade learning books and tutoring courses. We found most games and books were boring and prep courses expensive.  After much research and thought, we designed our own products that ended up being recommended by teachers, approved by parents and loved by kids! 

We focused on creating wide variety of products for kids aged 3-7. All of our books are WIPE-CLEAN, based on Gifted & Talented material, covering OLSAT, NNAT-2, and COGAT. Every book is designed to make learning fun, filled with fun activities. We didn’t stop at books and created a line of Flashcards, also WIPE-CLEAN, focused on math and verbal comprehension, including fun and engaging activities, including stickers for the kids.

Next, we wanted to create new fun math game for kids and so Mathemagical World started with just a sketch and with help of Henry and Julius very quickly evolved into a magical world of math and became our best selling board game!

Mathemagical World