Mathemagical World – Addition & Subtraction Board Game

For kids ages 5+, perfect for homeschooling, pre-k, kindergarten and first grade. It teaches kids math in a fun and exciting way. Best board game for kids!

All parents want the best for their children. Our mission is simple, we want learning to be fun, enjoyable, and stress free. We are proud to have our products recommended by teachers, approved by parents and loved by kids!

Mathemagical World is the best board game for kids ages 5+ (but can be used by kids across all ages, from 3 to 8). It takes just seconds to master and can be played from minutes to hours! The best part of our game is that children will not even realize they are learning math as they get immersed in our beautiful world filled with 8 unique islands: Desert Island, Dinosaur Island, Pirate Island, Zombie Island, Unicorn Island, Ice Island, Dragon Island, and Ninja Island!

We love making learning fun and nothing makes us happier than seeing kids enjoy and have fun playing Mathemagical World. Our journey started with just an idea and a rough sketch and slowly transformed into a magical math world. We knew it will be a challenging journey and so we identified 10 key attributes what we wanted our Board Game to be:

  • Best Board Game
  • Best Board Game for Kids
  • Best Board Game for 4 Year Old
  • Best Board Game for 5 Year Old
  • Best Board Game for Kids Ages 3-8
  • Best Board Game for Kindergarten
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  • Best Math Board Game
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  • Best Board Game of All Time

We tested and played our board game hundreds of times, game after game, after game. We tried it with children of different age groups, starting from 3-year-old, all the way to adults! We wanted to ensure the game was easy, fun and exciting for everyone. It took us a lot of effort, but we are very proud to call it the Best Board Game of all time!

Mathemagical World is very high quality, simple to use for parents and kids, fun and educational math game! When kids have fun and enjoy doing math without realizing they are learning we know we were successful! We wanted to make the game comprehensive but yet simple for parents, so they don’t have to spend hours trying to decode instruction sheets. Mathemagical World is ready to play straight out of the box! We took feedback from children just as seriously as from parents to ensure there is enough fun factor for kids.

The game has eight (8) unique magic worlds: Desert Island, Dinosaur Island, Pirate Island, Zombie Island, Unicorn Island, Ice Island, Dragon Island, and Ninja Island! It also includes two (2) levels of difficulty and speed. Our Math Board Game helps learn concepts of addition, subtraction, double and half and is a great addition for preparation of Gifted and Talented programs.

If you don’t have Mathemagical World in your game shelf, it’s a must for your child!

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