Serial Reasoning


Serial Reasoning questions require children to find the missing element in a given matrix, made of nine squares (3×3). These questions require kids to pay attention to changes horizontally, vertically and even diagonally. The relationship can be in design, direction and colors. These questions can be quite difficult to grasp so it is important to walk children gradually so they understand the logic.

Some of the most common transformations include – change in position, rotations, shape flips, combination of shapes, color switches, or folding of objects.


Tips and Tricks

  • Before starting on any section, find a quiet place with no distractions. Make sure your child is sitting comfortably.
  • Provide positive and encouraging feedback for correct answers and supportive feedback with explanations for incorrect answers. Avoid any negative feedback, comments, or gestures as this may discourage your child.
  • First, discuss what is in the first, second, and third row. Ask questions such as – what kind of shapes are in the box, what colors, and which direction they face?
  • Ask the child how the objects change as the move box by box.

– How are the objects changing horizontally, vertically and diagonally?

– Is there outer/inner shape, if so, how are they changing?

– Are the colors changing?

– Are the objects rotating or flipping?

– Are the objects moving up/down or left/right?

– Are the objects increasing or decreasing in size?

  • Encourage the child to visualize and draw out a possible answer choice.
  • Have the child review each answer choice and describe how it relates to the matrix.
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