Analogies questions evaluate children’s ability to reason through non-verbal scenarios. Gifted and Talented exam contains two types of analogy questions: picture analogies and figural analogies. Analogy questions are presented in a four box matrix and the child needs to identify relationship between two pictures or figures in first row and re-apply same rule in the second row. Analogies are just simply another type of puzzle and can become a fun activity even after the child takes the exam.


Tips and Tricks

  • Before starting on any section, find a quiet place with no distractions. Make sure your child is sitting comfortably.
  • Provide positive and encouraging feedback for correct answers and supportive feedback with explanations for incorrect answers. Avoid any negative feedback, comments, or gestures as this may discourage your child.
  • First, discuss the relationship in the matrix. Make sure the child pays close attention to direction, colors and changes in the boxes.
  • Consider covering the answer choices and talk it out load about possible answers.
  • Ask the child to review every single answer choice and eliminate wrong answers.
  • If a child is having trouble identifying a relationship, consider providing a relatable but simpler example.
  • Analogies are all around us. Integrate analogies throughout the day, may it be in the morning during breakfast or in the car being stuck in traffic. There is no need to have it as a formal question. Kids love puzzles and games, help them understand the concept of analogies and they will pick it up very quickly.
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