Series Completion


Series questions evaluate children’s ability to predict from a sequence of pictures or figures what comes next based on an existing pattern. It requires visualization and understanding of how objects are changing across a sequence.

Similar to classification questions children should be familiar with concepts such as: size, shape, soft/hard, short/tall, quantity, weight, color, cold/hot, speed.


Tips and Tricks

  • Before starting on any section, find a quiet place with no distractions. Make sure your child is sitting comfortably.
  • Provide positive and encouraging feedback for correct answers and supportive feedback with explanations for incorrect answers. Avoid any negative feedback, comments, or gestures as this may discourage your child.
  • As the child looks through the series boxes, ask to describe what is in the happening. Guide the child throughout sequence, and if he misses anything, give him some tips and hints. A triangle can be increasing in size but it can also be a specific color and point in a specific direction.
  • Before moving to the answer choices, ask the child to think and visualize what could come next. It is about a way of thinking and not just about jumping to the answer choices.
  • Have the child review each answer choice and describe how it relates to the sequence.
  • Incorporate series questions with the child throughout the day. Ask them to sort toys by size or create patterns with M&Ms or fruits. A box of Legos is great to create endless possibilities of fun and interactive questions.


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