The Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (“OLSAT”), published by Pearson NNC, is a multiple choice test commonly used in the U.S. to identify gifted children. Schools often use the OLSAT as a tool for admission into schools and programs for gifted and talented children or to measure scholastic achievement across all ages.
Children in pre-K through kindergarten take OLSAT Level A, the test is aimed at assessing the child’s comprehension and reasoning skills. The test is given individually to students and OLSAT test administrators read the directions, examples and test questions aloud to students. The questions during the test are read only once so it is critical that children are familiar with the OLSAT Level A questions.


The OLSAT is comprised of both verbal and nonverbal questions broken into below categories:
● Following Directions
● Aural Reasoning
● Arithmetic Reasoning


● Picture and Figural Classification
● Picture and Figural Analogies
● Picture and Figural Series
● Pattern Matrix


Our workbook features practice questions to cover both Verbal and Non-Verbal sections of the OLSAT Level A. In addition, we include activities to balance out the workload and make this a fun experience for the children.