Pattern Matrices


Pattern Matrices questions evaluate children’s ability to predict a missing element based on a sequence rule. Child is shown a 3X3 matrix (9 boxes in total) with objects changing horizontally, vertically or diagonally in a sequence. The child needs to identify the sequence rule in order to fill in one empty box to complete the pattern.


Tips and Tricks

  • Before starting on any section, find a quiet place with no distractions. Make sure your child is sitting comfortably.
  • Provide positive and encouraging feedback for correct answers and supportive feedback with explanations for incorrect answers. Avoid any negative feedback, comments, or gestures as this may discourage your child.
  • As you read the question out load ask the child to look at each row in the matrix and describe what is happening. Consider the changes horizontally, vertically and diagonally.  Pattern Matrices may seem intimidating for the children so take your time and break it up step by step. It is important the child is not overwhelmed with information and if anything is unclear make sure to take the time to explain the process steps.
  • Guide the child throughout sequence, and if he misses anything, ask what else is happening. A triangle can be increasing in size but it can also be a specific color and point in a specific direction. Is it moving left/right or clockwise/counterclockwise? Help the child understand and think through the process.
  • Encourage the child to visualize and even draw out a possible answer choice.
  • Have the child review each answer choice and describe how it relates to the sequence
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