Ranked as best workbook for kids in pre-k, kindergarten and 1st grade

Our unique Gifted and Talented WIPE CLEAN (re-usable) Activity Book offers 88 pages full of colorful content including 154 creative questions, brain teasers, stickers and fun and exciting activities. All of our questions are based on OLSAT® (Otis-Lennon School Ability Test) content and is best for children in pre k through kindergarten, ages 3-6 and has been ranked as best workbook for kindergarden.

The idea of Mind Inventions is to help kids learn the thought process in solving problems. We believe exams are not about memorizing questions and answers but more about developing the ability to problem solve and rationalize. The best feature about our best ranked activity book is that it can be re-used multiple times, saving parents money from buying additional books. Play an active role in helping guide your child so they can reach their full potential, perfect for homeschool. Pinpoint the child’s strengths/weakness and re-use the book again and again until your child is fully comfortable and understands the concepts clearly. Practice key OLSAT® topics tested during Gifted and Talented standardized testing exams. Our workbook is filled with activities to balance out the content and make learning enjoyable and fun making it a best workbook for pre-k, kindergarten and 1st grade.

Our Activity Book includes:

154 Questions covering:

  • Shape Creation
  • Analogies
  • Following Directions and Aural Reasoning
  • Classifications
  • Series Completion
  • Arithmetic Reasoning
  • Pattern Matrices
  • 2 Sheets of Stickers

7 Fun Activities

Dry Erase Pen

The Otis-Lennon School Ability Test (“OLSAT®”), published by Pearson NNC, is a multiple choice test commonly used in the U.S. to identify gifted children. Schools often use the OLSAT as a tool for admission into schools and programs for gifted and talented children or to measure scholastic achievement across all ages.

Children in pre-K through kindergarten take OLSAT® Level A, the test is aimed at assessing the child’s comprehension and reasoning skills. The test is given individually to students and OLSAT® test administrators read the directions, examples and test questions aloud to students. The questions during the test are read only once so it is critical that children are familiar with the OLSAT Level A questions.

The OLSAT is comprised of both verbal and nonverbal questions broken into below categories:


  • Following Directions
  • Aural Reasoning
  • Arithmetic Reasoning


  • Picture and Figural Classification
  • Picture and Figural Analogies
  • Picture and Figural Series
  • Pattern Matrix

Our workbook features practice questions to cover both Verbal and Non-Verbal sections of the OLSAT® Level A. In addition, we include activities to balance out the workload and make this a fun experience for the children.

It is no surprise our book has been ranked as best workbook for kindergarten, best workbook for pre-k and best workbook for kids overall! It has been praised by parents, teachers and loved by kids. The activity book is fun, engaging and has 5 star rating on Amazon. But don’t take our word for it, just take a look at some of the feedback we have received from thousands of happy customers.

Best book to have for all occasions, not just for preparing for gifted and talented

This book is excellent in all regards. The quality and the finishing itself is very good.
The contents of the books is very appropriate for kids aged between 3-6. My son loves to solve the questions and he is very happy to rise up to the challenges. One of the best books out there that I bought both the edition for the gifted& talented. Of all my amazon purchases all these years, this product checks all my boxes. Workmanship, content, usefulness, worth every penny.

The BEST gifted and talented prep books EVER!

We are prepping for the NYC Gifted and Talented and these books are the BEST of all the books we have purchased. We got both the NNAT and OLSAT books. The OLSAT book has a total of 7 chapters: shape creation, analogies, directions & aural reasoning, classification, series completion, arithmetic reasoning and pattern matrices. First off, they have the dry-erase feature so the books are easy to reuse and you can wipe a wrong answer off in a second. The content of the book is fun and colorful with easy to understand instructions. More importantly, the questions are tough enough that I know my child is being challenged but he’s having fun at the same time. It doesn’t “feel” like test prep. The answer key is clear and easy to use by parents that don’t know the answers. It also has a set of flash cards for on-the-go learning. Wish they made different books for all subjects from PK-6! Don’t think twice. Get this book immediately!!!

Good quality book

This workbook is a really high quality product. When I opened the package I was pleasantly surprised because the online pictures don’t convey how well made this book is. It’s a nice large format, the pages are thick and glossy so that they can be wiped clean and used again. This is very convenient because in my experience young children need that repetition to truly master the skill. I loved the fact that the book already comes with a dry erase marker attached to the book so you don’t need to go looking for one and once you’re done working, you just slide it back in and it’s there for the next session. What I also liked is that the illustrations are very attractive, age appropriate, and full of vibrant colors so that a young child will associate the book with fun activity vs just boring pencil and paper work. Each section of the book begins with a very clear and to the point explanation about what skill is being mastered. Common Core standards caused a lot of confusion for parents and students because often times instructions are not parent friendly, so it was refreshing to find these quick and clear introductions at the beginning of each chapter. The best part was finding the fun activity pages at the end of a section. That’s a great bonus! There is one with a world map and a sheet of stickers that will teach my kid geography while he’s having fun. Also, another nice bonus is a little pocket at the end of the book with flash cards. Flash cards have answers on the other side. Once again, this is great because young kids get good at something by practicing it again and again. I am really impressed by this work book. It is designed to teach important and challenging concepts in appealing and kid friendly way. Whoever created this clearly put a lot of thought into it. I hope they have something for higher elementary grades as well.

Great logic and advanced testing workbook!

Way more pages than I expected! I love the wipe clean books, you are getting so much more for the cost. My kids did this in sections and enjoyed all the puzzles and problems throughout. This is a great logic workbook even if your kids are not doing test prep for advanced testing. It teaches young children how to look at things a different way and that will serve them as they learn. I have recommended this to many kindergarten parents. 5 stars for sure.

Well worth it

Excellent book for the price…love that we can wipe off and redo again and again. Bought all their books so far..including the math and verbal flashcards. These books keep my 5yo thoroughly engaged and I love that my 3yo can also use them afterwards. They are of excellent quality…5 stars!

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